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    Frequently Asked Questions

    I can't find BFree at my local store. Help!

    Sorry to hear that you are having trouble finding us!! Sometimes, the store can order at their discretion so it is definitely worthwhile asking the manager to get our products in for you. If you are still experiencing difficulties, please call our helpline on +353 1 7790500

    Are your products nut free/suitable for someone with a severe nut allergy?

    Yes!!!!! We are proud of the fact that all of our current range is indeed NUT FREE!!

    Is there yeast in your products?

    We do use yeast in all of our products.  Yeast acts as a raising agent for our bread lines aswell as it contributes to the flavour.  As you remove gluten, it becomes very hard to get the products to rise and taste great so yeast is an essential ingredient for our products.

    How should I store your products?

    The best way to store our products is sealed in an airtight container in a cool, dry place. This will prevent them from drying out and becoming crumbly. BFree products are also suitable for home freezing.

    How should I prepare your products?

    The great thing about our products is, you can eat our products as they are, they don’t need to be heated. However, we do have some really tasty suggestions :

    Our wraps are delicious when slightly heated, either in the microwave for a few seconds or on a dry un-oiled frying pan for a few seconds until warm. If the wraps have been left in the open and are slightly hardened around the edges you can sprinkle a small amount of water on them to soften them before heating or simply put under the grill with some toppings for a really light pizza snack

    Our pitta breads are best lightly toasted or lightly grilled. You can sprinkle them with water beforehand to make them softer, but it’s not necessary.

    Our bread loaves can be taken straight from the pack and top with your favourite spread. Our loaves will not crumble �� but if you prefer, they are you can also toast in seconds.

    Our rolls are best lightly oven baked, heated for a few seconds in a microwave, or sliced in half lengthways and toasted.

    Our bagels are best cut in half and lightly toasted or grilled.

    Is your packaging recyclable?

    All of our boxes we pack our products into our recyclable however not all of our product packs are there just yet. We are currently researching our options in line with our sustainability programme and will be sure to let you know our progress.

    Are your products high in fibre?

    We are very proud of the fact that ALL of our products are high in fibre which contributes to a healthy diet. High in Fibre means you must be 8g per 100g and our products are exceptionally high for bread products.

    Do your products contain egg?

    No! Our range is one of the only that is completely egg free and suitable for vegans

    What are your products free from?

    All our products are free from gluten, wheat dairy, eggs, nuts and soy. Some of our products contain gluten free oats and some contain sesame. Check the ingredients of each one if you are avoiding either of these.

    Where can I find BFree?

    Use our store locator to find where your nearest BFree products are stocked.

    Sometimes, the store can order at their descretion, so it is definitely worthwhile asking the manager to get our products in for you. If you are still experiencing difficulties, please call our helplline on 1-844-775-4647


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